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Porting designs to reduce recoil and muzzle lift for all types of shooters.™ Mag-na-port introduces the newest item to its product line of recoil reducing services. On the drawing board for a number of years, the Mag-na-brake is now available for installation. Designed so that it’s not just “another muzzle brake,” our goal has been to craft a product destined to be the best.

The Mag-na-brake is a little less than two inches long and is threaded onto the end of the muzzle. It is uniquely designed with progressive integrated exhaust chambers for the most effective use of neutralizing expanding gases. Gases dissipate with an opposite twist to ensure the brake does not unscrew and with a forward angle to minimize the sound pressure level.

The muzzle brake is available for installation on most rifles and for round-barreled revolver or single-shot pistols such as RugerSRH, RugerSBH, or T/C Contender with a minimum barrel length of 7 ½”. Additional charges apply when additional services such as cutting, recrowning or sight installation are performed.

Handgun recoil, more specifically felt recoil, is perceived differently by individual shooters. The less experienced shooter will be more aware of the lessening of felt recoil in a gun that has been Mag-na-ported. The degree of change in a handgun’s shooting characteristics, subsequent to Mag-na-porting, depends upon many factors: barrel length, weight and load.

Traditional Mag-na-porting of a handgun consists of two trapezoidal ports cut into the barrel approximately 1/2 inch from the muzzle. These ports are placed at approximately 35 to 45 degree angles. For the shooter this translates into a reduction of perceived recoil of 15 to 20 percent!

Rifle-style Mag-na-porting consists of two traditional trapezoidal ports and two oval ports cut into the sides of the barrel. This style of porting is available on barrels of 7 1/2 inches or longer and recommended for the handgun hunter and larger calibers. The side ports help by providing additional reduction in recoil and aid in barrel stability.

Dual Trapezoidal Mag-na-porting is designed for shooters using shorter barrels with a minimum length of 3 inches. This style of porting provides greater relief from muzzle lift. Using two trapezoidal ports on each side of the barrel, the primary focus of gas dissipation helps reduce the muzzle lift. Extremely effective on the snub nose magnum revolvers.

Quadport is designed especially for the 2 1/2 inch S & W barrels or shorter SP 101s to help control the upward pressure on these light weight firearms. Consisting of two small oval ports cut into the barrel, this style of porting was designed exclusively for the short-barreled revolvers popular for close range shooting.

The Mag-na-port process does not, in itself, alter a handgun’s accuracy. The improvement comes from the shooter being more comfortable and able to return the gun to a firing position more quickly because of softer recoil. It is this characteristic that is responsible for the popularity of Mag-na-porting amongst law enforcement personnel and competitive shooters.

A number of chronograph tests have been conducted over the years. It has been proven that Mag-na-porting does not influence velocities to any meaningful extent.
Whatever your particular interest, the experts agree Mag-na-porting will improve your shooting and make it more enjoyable.


300 Below
Cryo-Accurizing is a computer-controlled dry process that releases stresses in firearm barrels. Stresses can cause a barrel to warp or bend as it heats from continued firing. This warping can affect shot groupings. The cryogenic tempering process is done to relieve internal stresses so the barrel will no longer bend or warp.


The result is a firearm that is proven increase in accuracy and longer barrel life. Cryo-accurizing tempers the barrel to the same temperature from surface to core then cycles through wide-ranging temperatures under total control of the computer. The computer-controlled process slowly takes the barrel to -300 degrees Farenheit and then slowly increases it to 300 degrees. The computers control the temperature to 1/10 of 1 degree Fahrenheit during the entire process.


The process is completely dry and no fluids ever come in contact with the barrel. 

Cryo-Accurizing stabilizes the entire barrel at every level creating a smooth, dense barrel that has less friction. The process causes the barrel to heat and cool more uniformly, allowing for a firearm with less fouling that is easier to clean.


GraCoil Recoil Reduction Systems
GRACO Corporation began operation in Gravette, Arkansas in its present location in March 1986 with three employees. We have grown to 25 employees and expanded our facility with additional equipment and space as needed to accommodate our growing product line. Services offered in addition to our product line and factory installation include conventional and CNC machining, stamping, polishing, and wire bending.

Briley Choke Tubes
Briley is legendary in competition and recreational shooting—in solving problems, producing leading-edge ideas and products and always putting the needs of our customers first. There’s no aspect of the shooting world we haven’t impacted.

We’re world famous for our chokes and tube sets, but we do even more. Our gun services, accessories and products for original equipment manufacturers are also setting high standards. Whether you’re in the market for chokes or tube sets, shooting accessories, vintagers or even five-stand rentals or traps, from custom rifles to outdoor wear, Briley is your leading-edge source.


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